About GMW & Me


What is Geek My Website? It’s a tiny business where we try to “Geek” your website! Have a problem you need solving? Need a blog? Need to find a new way of displaying something? Tired of not having a responsive website?  We’re here to help!

About Jodi

Jodi is the owner and “Geekette” of Geek My Website. She started her company when a friend of hers was having a really hard time putting together his site. She had a knack for figuring out how things work, and ended up building him a fantastic site to replace his racing book.

Now she’s eager to help other people who may be trying to start a blog, fix a problem on their site, or just need help on a random problem.

She may be a geek, but she’s great at talking “non-geek” too! Need a thing-a-ma-bob where you can tell the world about your cat? How about a hoosie-whatsie that displays your latest art projects? Maybe you want to start a store, but aren’t really sure where to begin.

Look no more! We’re here to help!