A New Game

I’m thinking about creating a new game. I’m trying to decide between a simple word search game, or maybe some kind of simple RPG.

Now the funny thing is, I can actually draw. I’m okay at it, but with carpal tunnel, it’s not my favorite past time. The RPG of course wouldn’t be sparkly CGI or fancy graphics. I mean, I am one person, and I do have a full time (sometimes more than) job.

If I did the RPG, I’d also have to think up a story, which I also enjoy doing. I’m just worried about the entire time it would take to get something like that out the door.

The Wordsearch on the other hand, is one of those games I love playing. It’s simple to play, mind-numbing and something that would go well on my site.

So I think I could get out the word search faster than the RPG, but both would take some time to do. I’m leaning towards the word search first, while I play with the story for an RPG.

What do you think?

Oh, and here’s a cute cat for you to look at.